GAWVI Says Kim Kardashian Inspired Concept For Album

In an interview with Christian post Gawvi reveals that Kim Kardashian inspired his upcoming album We Belong, which is due to be released March 31 through Record Records.



He said the concept of We Belong came years ago when he lived in Los Angeles. GAWVI was part of a Bible study ran by well-known pastor Judah Smith. The Bible study has since grown into a full-fledged church.

“At that time a lot of celebrities were going, they’re still going. But I remember sitting in one of the services and Kim Kardashian walked in,”



We Belong is due to be released March 31


He said everyone’s initial reaction to Kardashian was shock because a celebrity walked into the Bible study but he then noticed a lot of heads turning her way for another reason,  as if some of the spectators questioned why she would be there.

“I always stuck with that story. People should always feel like they belong [and are] a part of God’s big picture. Whether it was out of bad intention or just out of shock value, people should always feel welcomed,” he explained. “That’s what I want to do with my music. I want people to feel like they belong [when] listening to my music.”




“I’m like the first pop EDM person and I don’t fit in that much, but I belong a part of the great story which is 1:16, I feel like we should all live like Jesus lived. It’s all over His story, His whole life. He was always surrounded by people, kind of like the Kim Kardashian story, that you turn your head and it’s a shock value,” the 28-year-old noted. “I do believe that you should hang out with mature people and know your distance sometimes from others because there can be some bad relationships that you shouldn’t go further into, but I think we should all love people and accept them and make them feel like they belong in the room or at the table.”


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GAWVI Says Kim Kardashian Inspired Concept For Album

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