Justin Bieber Cancels Purpose Tour For Jesus


After 150 shows in six continents Bieber has decided to cancel the rest of his purpose tour.


Earlier this week, it transpired that Justin Bieber is no longer allowed to perform in Beijing, due to “his series of misbehaviors”—a decision that especially drew ire amongst Beliebers given that he was set to take the Purpose world tour to Asia in September. Now, however, Bieber announced on Monday that he’s cancelled the rest of his tour “due to unforeseen circumstances.”


“Justin loves his fans and hates to disappoint them. However, after careful consideration he has decided he will not be performing any further dates.” his official statement said.

More information has, of course, come in the form of anonymous sources: Variety reports that “it wasn’t a decision made overnight. He’s had some time off and was able to consider his commitments.”

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Justin is seen riding a bike with Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz

TMZ spotted him “chilling” near the beach in Santa Monica hours after he made the announcement. “Everything’s fine,” he told a reporter, reminding them that he’s spent the past two years on the road and is due for some rest and wished his fans to “have a blessed day,”

Less than 24 hours later, TMZ is now reporting that sources close to Bieber’s Hillsong Church say the cancellation is because Bieber has “rededicated his life to Christ.” Bieber has, after all, been spending much of the last few months with the Hillsong pastor who baptized him, Carl Lentz, everywhere from Australia’s McDonald’s to church conferences.

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Justin Bieber Cancels Purpose Tour For Jesus

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