Lecrae & Tori Kelly Release ‘I’ll Find You’ Music Video


We were slightly disappointed with the lyrical video, however, we have good news. Lecrae has released the new video to ‘’I’ll find you’.


The song is a song of strength and coming together during hard times. Lecrae said “Life is a precious gift” and that is one of the reasons the song was written. This song touches hearts and will forever be a classic for remembering loved ones, just like ‘See you again’ by Wiz Khalifa.



Tori Kelly is seen praying next to Lecrae in the music video.


Lecrae believes the song takes on significant true life events. This goes against what female rapper ‘Queen Latifah’ said about current rappers and how they seem scared and afraid to speak about real life issues.

The video starts with a family of three, where the child is a cancer sufferer and the parents are at her bedside. Towards the end of the video, it shows the little girl dancing, smiling and flicking her hair around implying she’s healed. She then goes around the hospital ward helping her fellow cancer sufferers with food.

Hopefully, the video and song encourages sufferers and survivors that they are not alone and to ‘hold on’.



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Lecrae & Tori Kelly Release ‘I’ll Find You’ Music Video

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