NF Is Leading us With His Outro Music Video


First NF gave us his ‘Intro’ two years ago and ‘Intro 2’ a year later, now he’s leading us with his outro.


NF released his a music video for his new and unexpected single ‘Outro’.


I’m dedicated, the definition of dedication
Wrote this whole record while I was levitating
Sittin’ in my room with the pen and paper, I’m innovative
They’ve been afraid of me since I was a second grader
I’m the kid on the playground momma told you to never play with
There’s levels of music—and I’m in the elevator
Going up to the top floor, look how we elevated

But you don’t know the brand by now, you better get educated
Take both of my arms, rip ’em out of sockets and seperate ’em
Forgive me, yeah, I know I get animated

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NF Is Leading us With His Outro Music Video

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