Rick and Morty Prank Call Joel Osteen’s Church


The creator of the hit animated sitcom Rick and Morty decided to prank call Joel Osteen’s Church and what happens next is crazy.


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Don’t crucify me, I have to confess I’m a fan of the show because it’s absolutely hilarious, but this prank call took me by surprise and I don’t know how I feel. 

Earlier this week Justin Roiland, the creator of the animated sitcom ‘Rick and Morty’ called Joel Osteen’s church’s prayer line.




The attempt at pranking Joel Osteen’s prayer line as the hit character Rick Sanchez appeared to go wrong when the phone was answered by one of their employees, leaving Roiland confused.

“I have a prayer I need to get off my chest,” Roiland tells the woman answering before asking if the megachurch leader is available.

After some back-and-forth, he insists, “I need to talk to Joel Osteen. It’s a very important message. I have lots of money right now.”

Roiland is then surprised to hear the woman speaking in tongues and repeating: “the blood of Jesus.”

“Are you talking in tongues right now?” he asks stunned. “Is that Klingon? Is that baby talk?”

“Ricky ticky ta ta ta,” he tries to repeat her words.


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Rick and Morty Prank Call Joel Osteen’s Church

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