Lecrae Talks About his Transition From CHH & More


Lecrae talks about transitioning from CHH, his lyrical content and being active on multiple projects such as acting and much more. 



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Lecrae wanting to make a transition into the mainstream world, as opposed to staying in the Christian artist box is nothing new, but Lecrae is making more than one transition.

We all know that it seems to be a new trend for Christian artists to collab with mainstream artists, Lecrae is an example of this, who has had collaborations with Ty Dolla $ign, Tori Kelly, B.O.B. and much more.




When he started out he openly rapped about Christian topics and it was clear to listeners that he was talking about Jesus. For an example, ‘Jesus musik.’

As Lecrae matured and grew as an artist, his lyrical content began to change and he started to do music with mainstream artists. This isn’t because he was turning away from his faith, but it was simply a decision to reach more people.

“It’s all about how somebody was introduced to you. So I tell you, ‘you gotta listen to, I don’t know Taylor Swift. She is a phenomenal country artist.’ Now your brain is keyed into her being a country artist versus a pop artist. I think that’s been the introduction for me.” Lecrae says in an interview with forbes.

 He went on to say, “I’m not a country fan so if you slide me some music and say, ‘you gotta check this out, it’s country’ I’m going to be a little hesitant to listen and I think if someone says ‘Hey you gotta listen to this guy rap, he’s Christian’ you’re like, ‘I don’t really identify as Christian so not really sure I want to listen to that.”



Lecrae says he is simply keeping the faith, but stresses that his style of music isn’t Christian hip-hop, he wants to be known as a hip hop artist instead of a Christian artist and being trapped in a box. 

In the interview with Forbes, Lecrae told of his plans to go into TV. He was asked about how he plans to gain a wider audience.

“I think a lot of it is just communicating. It’s being involved in a lot of different things. Activism, philanthropy, also entertainment, and not even as an artist but as an entertainer. Hosting things and acting and working on some scripts and producing some shows and also the label that I started.”

When asked about his transition into TV acting and writing Lecrae said;

‘Yeah. That’s always been a passion of mine and I always wanted to get involved. I’ve done a couple of movies. I’ve done some stuff straight for TV, and I’ve just dabbled. The music is at the center of it. I had a good friend Devon Franklin told me, he said, “Man, you’re gonna have to pause one or the other if you really want to be successful in those areas.” And he said, “Your music is still climbing so you want to focus n that right now.” So that’s been the thought process.’

Many artists within hip-hop have taken this step such as Will Smith, Ice Cube, Queen Latifah, and Eminem.

Lecrae also said he feels he still has space in his music for growth as he wants to reach a much wider audience.

“I still feel like there’s still an opportunity for a wider audience to say, not ‘I’ve heard of him’ but ‘I’ve experienced it.’ I’ve listened to the music. I’ve found something in there for me.’ That’s the hope and the desire.”



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Lecrae Talks About his Transition From CHH & More

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