Lecrae Just Dropped His New Track Broke


Lecrae releases ‘Broke’, a track off his upcoming album ‘All Things Work Together’.



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As we all patiently wait for Lecrae to drop his anticipated album, he continues to release small sections of it at a time, but we’re not complaining. 


[Verse 1: Lecrae]
Never fell in love with the Coco, Never had to hold up the store with the .44
Never had the door kicked in by the feds while I’m laying in the bed on the bread that I’m gon’ blow
But I do know what it feel like to go to school with the knock off shoes
Eating free lunch, tryna act all cool, boy you better know that we paid our dues
Never would I trade that, nah, ’cause it made me better, it could have made me bitter
Can’t buy that struggle, can’t name no figure, but it made me richer
Being broke made me rich, and being low made you quit
But being low made me high, take time if you want this


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Lecrae Just Dropped His New Track Broke

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