Kevin Durant Uses Fake Account?


Does Kevin Durant Really Use Secret Social Media Accounts to Defend Himself?



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Over the weekend, some interesting screenshots surfaced on Twitter, appearing to show Durant firing back at his critics. There was only one problem: It appears as though Durant—or whoever was controlling his account at the time—was trying to send the defensive tweets from an alternate account and forgot to switch usernames before clapping back.






It only gets worse from there, as internet sleuths tracked down other social media accounts from which Durant appears to clap back at his haters. A Reddit user named JanleyDoe noted that an Instagram account, @quiresultan, is followed by some of KD’s closest friends and family and has been tagged in previous photos featuring KD. That name is apparently a reference to Quire Avenue and Sultan Avenue, a pair of streets in Prince George County, Maryland, where Durant grew up. The dead giveaway is that his brother has tagged the account in photos of the two of them.





Not long after this was discovered, NBA fans began scouring through KD’s history on that account, and the imposter account appears to regularly clap back at any detractors of Durant. It’s also followed by some notable names, Draymond Green, Big Sean, and KD’s former Thunder teammate Andre Roberson among them.





Durant clearly realized something was up at some point Sunday night or early Monday morning, and he appeared to do his best to avoid the heat by simply changing the IG username to the account. It is now under the gloriously uncreative name of @shanghainoon12345, perhaps because Durant figured that would be a harder thing to search for. But the photo tags still dime him out.




This would be super corny even if KD was just some random dude off the street, banging away at his keyboard from within a cubicle. But why is one of the best basketball players on the planet doing this? We all have our guilty pleasures we like to hide from the public, but it’s hard to fathom someone with as much money and access as you could ever ask for doing this in their free time.



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Kevin Durant Uses Fake Account?

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