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Lecrae says ‘All Thing Work Together is his best album yet, but do we agree? 



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Wow! It has been three years since we heard a full body of work from Lecrae. We got a bit of insight from the new direction Lecrae was headed with Church Clothes 3. You heard a more radical artist who spoke about the various issues facing faith, race, social justice, drug abuse and depression. Yet, Lecrae amongst the various critics stayed true to who he was and who he was called to be. We started to see Lecrae work with artists not only from faith-based circles but those who are in mainstream music as well. With that came a more outspoken Lecrae who was not ashamed to be himself.




All Things Work Together is just that. Another masterpiece in the arsenal of hip-hop’s more well-known artist. The album gives you a bit of everything from songs that rattle trunks and others that rattle the listeners very heart and soul.


Lecrae has made believers out of many doubters that you cannot simply put him in a box. He gives people something to think about and consider. From the production by Natalie Lauren, Jeremy Stevenson, Ben Washer, Swoope, etc., to songs ft Tori Kelly, new reach Aha Gazelle, Taylor Hill, Kierra Sheard, Jawan Harris and Verse Simmonds.


Perspectives, thoughts, and beliefs are constantly reconsidered and thought through when it comes to this Atlanta based artist. The good and bad experiences of our life help make us who we are. The greater story is the One who story gives us hope for today and a better tomorrow. The simple truth is….All Things Work Together, for the good.


Joshua Olmann Rating – A-
Lecraeʼs best work to date, definitely up there with Anomaly.




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Lecrae ATWT Review

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