Joe Budden Laughs at Chance The Rapper


During Complex’s show ‘Everyday Struggle’, Joe Budden laughs at Chano for being too clean.



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Over the last few years, Chance The Rapper has done a complete U-turn in terms of what he talks about in his music but unfortunately, some people think that’s a bad thing.

Last week Chance performed a new song with Daniel Caesar on the ‘Late Show’ and fans went wild.




Although most people were happy with his new song, rapper Joe Budden hated it. During Complex’s Everyday Struggle, Budden says he thinks Chano is “too positive”.  At one point he Budden says people try not say anything bad about Chance because of his faith.


Watch video below (Warning Stong language) 


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Joe Budden Laughs at Chance The Rapper

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