More People Are Listening To Hip Hop

07 Dec
More People Are Listening To Hip Hop


Hip Hop listening on Spotify has Increased by a massive 74% in 2017, hiphop has taken over!



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For most of this year, it has been assumed that much of the music being consumed on streaming services, particularly Spotify, has fallen into the hip hop or R&B categories. With playlists like RapCaviar being followed by millions of people, it stands to reason that the company now plays a huge role in making or breaking artists or songs and quite possibly setting sonic trends that will be gobbled up by the masses. Thanks to an end-of-year report from Spotify, we now know the extent to which hip hop has been listened to in the United States in 2017, and it’s impressive. 






According to their press release, which can be found on their website, Spotify’s statistical evidence shows that hip hop, as a genre, saw a 74% increase in listenership this year versus 2016, which is an incredibly impressive number.






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More People Are Listening To Hip Hop

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