Justin Bieber Has Heart-to-Heart With Homeless

Justin Bieber stops for heart-to-heart with homeless and shares water and food.


Justin who now carries a Bible everywhere he goes decided to show some compassion towards the less fortunate on Wednesday afternoon, as he sat down with a homeless man and woman. 



Strong mentally and physically: The 24-year-old pop star had just wrapped up a spin session at SoulCycle in Los Angeles.




He took a moment to sit down with a man and woman who were willing to chat with him, and at one point the singer even laid down horizontally to make the two people feel more at ease. 




This is not Justin’s first random act of random kindness. In the past, he has paid people’s bar tabs, visited sick children, donated money to schools, and surprised underprivileged kids with Christmas gifts. 




In an interview on The Bert Show, Bieber talked about finding his purpose. 

‘My love and my passion is people,’ he said. ‘Slowly but surely I’m figuring out where I belong and what my purpose is and what I need to do for the world.’ 



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Justin Bieber Has Heart-to-Heart With Homeless

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