Joyner Lucas Advocates For Safe Driving

Joyner Lucas advocates for safe driving in gripping “Frozen” music video.


There have been some fire music videos dropping in 2018, now Joyner Lucas adds to the pot with a new chilling visual for his song “Frozen.” 


Joyner dropped the new track and video Sunday (April 1), and this one has a particular message about driving safely and not driving under the influence. The three-act visual starts off with a woman hitting a young girl with her car in the street. Like his previous “I’m Not a Racist” video before, the actors in the video do the rapping for the MC, who does not appear in the Ben Proulz and Joyner-directed offering.


“Damn, this is not alright/How the f*** I end up on the other side of life,” the bloodied girl lying on the pavement rhymes in Joyner’s voice. “No more hanging with my friends, no more riding bikes/No more brushing barbies hair, no more flying kites/No more school, no more learning for me/No more youth, no more juice/No more hula hoops or Suzy Q’s/Wish I could kiss my momma bye (Joyner)/And if she ever see me like this, she be traumatized.”


Continuing the theme, the second act shows a woman in the passenger seat of a mangled vehicle, the victim of a drunk driver. The final sequence shows a man driving recklessly who ends up flipping his vehicle. The video ends with a sobering twist.


Check out Joyner Lucas’ new “Frozen” video below.




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Joyner Lucas Advocates For Safe Driving

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