Marvel Releases a Spider-Man Snippet

Marvel Releases a Spider-Man Snippet from their upcoming ‘Infinity War’ movie and we love it.




The clip shows Parker’s Spidey-sense at its best, as he notices a spaceship from the school bus he is riding in. The clip displays a stellar transition from Spider-Man: Homecomingto Avengers: Infinity War: it shows Parker as a normal teenager, doing normal things like trying to get through high school, while also juggling the responsibility of his superpower and being a secret superhero.


When Parker aka Spider-Man sees the ship from the bus, he frantically taps his pal Ned on the cheek and tells him he needs him to cause a distraction. Ned yells, “We’re all going to die! There’s a spaceship!” All the students run to the back of the bus in a panic to look outside and witness the spectacle. Meanwhile, Parker buys enough time to hop out of the emergency window, transform into Spider-man while hanging onto the side of the bus, and swing from the bridge and skirt the body of water below. From this clip, it is clear that Parker’s guard was down when he spotted this spaceship presumably on his way to or from school. It is safe to say he and the Avengers crew are not prepared for the arrival of Thanos down to Earth.



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Marvel Releases a Spider-Man Snippet

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