Justin Bieber Allegedly Punches Man Assaulting Woman

Justin Bieber has allegedly ‘punched a man who held a woman by her throat’ at Coachella.


Singer Justin Bieber has reportedly punched a man in the face after he saw him grab a woman by the throat.

According to TMZ, Bieber threw a punch and held the man against a wall at a Coachella party yesterday after a man grabbed the woman and refused to let her go.

An unnamed source told the news outlet that the incident took place at a party held by Patrick Schwarzenegger, who is a friend of the Canadian pop-star.




TMZ reports that Bieber arrived with a mate before he the came to the woman’s rescue. According to the source, the woman ‘appeared to be the man’s ex-girlfriend’.

Twenty-three-year-old Biebs is reported to have told the man, “Go f*** yourself”, before intervening to get him off the woman.

The site goes on to say the man was then chucked out of the party but was seen chasing a car that he believed had Bieber inside. He’s alleged to have begun hitting the SUV while shouting and was arrested shortly afterward.


The reports are yet to be confirmed by police or anyone from Bieber’s team.

Meanwhile, the singer has been spotted thoroughly enjoying himself at Coachella; rocking about the place in a very colorful outfit and being filmed by other festival-goers letting his hair down and having a dance.



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Justin Bieber Allegedly Punches Man Assaulting Woman

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