Featured: J-Era

Aspiring artist J-Era hopes to challenge everyone’s way of thinking with his music.


“This single is centered around pride. The vision is to challenge everyone’s way of thinking and inspire and encourage men and women’s walks with Christ. This particular song and the next one I’ll be releasing challenges you on the pride of life. Putting ourselves and our agenda over God’s. The hook is simple but challenging.”


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“I come from a rough upbringing and at one point was dealing drugs and completely addicted to heroin. I’ve been homeless, in and out of jails and rehabs, but now have been sober for five years, married a pastors daughter, work full time at my church, lead worship, and help run multiple ministries inside and outside of the church. God has done a huge work in and through me and I want to help not only non-believers but Christians who feel stale and are running on empty.”



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Featured: J-Era

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