Idris Elba Teases James Bond Role

Idris Elba teases at the possible chance of playing James Bond.



Earlier this week a rumor spread that famed James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli spoke with director Antoine Fuqua about a non-white actor taking on the role of 007. But shortly afterward, Fuqua’s rep said “it’s all made up stuff” and the conversation never happened. But that isn’t stopping Elba from having a little fun with the false claims.


“[M]y name’s Elba, Idris Elba,” read one tweet from the Luther actor, obviously mimicking Bond’s famous line. The tweet was accompanied by a photo of Elba with a cartoonish effect.



Later, he posted another tweet with a photo of Public Enemy. But for those who didn’t get the cryptic message, Elba sent out another Public Enemy reference: “Don’t believe the HYPE.” But of course, all tweeters want to do is believe in it. Some have even questioned if HYPE is a secret organization Bond will have to go up against in a film.




“Are HYPE the criminal organisation you have to take down, 007?” read one tweet. Another gave an elaborate opening scene that ends with HYPE “in ashes.”


While it’s unlikely HYPE will be another HYDRA, it seems Elba won’t end up playing Bond. He’s previously said that he thinks he’s “too old” to portray 007 and that he already portrays a similar character with BBC’s Luther.




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Idris Elba Teases James Bond Role

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