Thousands of Fans Get Together For Mac Miller Vigil

Thousands of fans gathered yesterday at the Blue Slide Park for Mac Miller’s vigil.


Fans decided to hold a vigil for 26-year-old Mac Miller who passed away a couple days ago. They gathered at his childhood playground the Blue Slide Park in his memory.

Frick Park’s Blue Slide Playground in Pittsburgh, PA—the inspiration for Miller’s debut studio album Blue Slide Park—served as the host location for a vigil organized by local label Nightfall Records.



According to Pittsburgh CBS affiliate KDKAthe event attracted thousands of supporters. “It’s just incredible to come here knowing he’s been here,” a fan named Johnny Rogan told KDKA. “Knowing this was such an influence on his life and knowing he’s been such a big influence of mine.” Another supporter named Gabrielle Sherman added, “I was heartbroken. I’ve been crying for like four days.”





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Thousands of Fans Get Together For Mac Miller Vigil

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